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There is just something about Markham. It is one of those places where people who were raised here plan to return (if they’ve even left) to raise their own children. Seems natural then that they want to come back to start that journey with their marriage celebration.

Markham has a wealth of wedding venues for every style, taste, culture and budget. It is another one of those multi-faceted reasons Markham is such a sought-after place to live.
Here are some of the best spots around town to say “I do!”

Markham Civic Centre

Whether something intimate and civil or grand and religious, the wedding services at the City of Markham can help you have your ideal wedding. For 2 to 150 guests, they have you covered with a variety of rooms and services.  One…

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One of my favourite things to do in the whole world is spend time fishing with my two sons.

We have two spots that we like best; Milne Dam Conservation Park in Markham and Toogood Pond in Unionville.  We like to go early on Sunday mornings equipped with a container of worms and a couple of snack bars.  However, now that they are much bigger (my sons, not the fish) the bag of snacks has increased too.  This is urban fishing at its best.

Markham boasts a circuit of fishing in parks and rivers throughout the city for fishing enthusiasts of all varieties.  Milne Dam Conservation Park is open seasonally from Victoria Day until Thanksgiving Day. This 305-acre park is the largest in Markham and one of the cities best-kept treasures.  A concrete fish ladder has…

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Markham is a fantastic place to hang out with your kids! There is so much to see and do that we had trouble narrowing it down to only ten.  

Here are our favourites:

1.  Go Geocaching
We love to Geocache, which is a world-wide urban treasure hunt. There are dozens of geocaches hidden in the Markham area for anyone to find. Check out this video to see what geocaching is all about.   It's easy to get started, just go to the web site, type in your postal code and receive clues for geocache locations near you.

2.  Pet a Llama at Lionel's Petting Zoo
Where can you go to see and feed peacocks, donkeys, llamas, deer, ponies, and many other kinds of animals for FREE?   Lionel's Petting Zoo is a really cool place to take the kids…

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old boarded up house

We all know that house, with the “for sale” sign that seems to linger and linger, even in a healthy market like Markham, Ontario.  It makes the neighbours nervous, wondering if the area is losing value or if they will suffer the same fate when it’s time for them to sell.


   It can also be a huge source of stress for the sellers with the work it takes to maintain a home for showings and the uncertainty of waiting for someone to make an offer. In my experience, a quick sale is best for everyone (of course, at the asking price or above).

   In my 28 years as a Realtor, I have sold many "unsellable" homes: drug houses, homes in disrepair, homes where disgruntled tenants have left holes in the walls and ripped the doors off kitchen cabinets, or…

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As more and more of my clients enter their “golden age”, I am often asked “should I stay in my current home?”, “could I live in less space?” and “where could I move to?”

These are all really important questions and my answer always begins with “it depends…”, and through a series of questions and discussions, we eventually arrive at some comforting answers.

What is true for everyone is that it’s crucial to not just plan for life right now but also for the lifestyle you want and imagine. For some, living in multiple locations at different times of the year is a desire. Others want to move closer to family and friends.  While for some, an adult lifestyle community is where they see themselves fulfilling their dreams.

So what’s holding them…

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How to Prepare Your Home For a Showing in 10 Minutes

Woman Vacuuming Markham Real Estate Blog




When selling your home, one way to help get the highest price possible is to make sure it looks clean and tidy during a showing.  This can be tricky when you only get a moments notice that prospective buyers are on their way.  Here are some quick steps you can take to ensure your home looks like a million bucks. 


1.  Put dishes in dishwasher (or wash)

2.  Make all the beds

3.  Wipe the counters

4.  Empty the garbage

5.  Hide dirty clothes in the washer

6.  Take a deep breath

7.  Run a quick vacuum

8.  Turn on all the lights

9.  Leave the house

10. Smile.  You did it! 


This is also a handy checklist to use for preparing your…

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The Thanksgiving weekend is upon us and many of us are looking forward not only to a huge meal served with a heavy dose of football but also a chunk of family time during one of the prettiest seasons of the year.
What better way to enjoy family time then to get out and participate in some great local events! Need ideas? Here are some to get you started:


Spend your Thanksgiving Sunday the Bavarian way with the many tastes of Oktoberfest at the restaurants and the strolling musicians along the beautiful historic Main St. Unionville. Dust off your lederhosen and head to the bandstand for the Polka Maestre Band from noon to 4:30PM.

Markham YMCA

If Thanksgiving dinner left you feeling heavy or your family mantra is all about…

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You know autumn is here when the Markham Fair rolls into town, just like the CNE marks the end of summer.  For the past 45 years, I have been going to the Markham Fair and I have a surefire way of getting the biggest bang for my buck!

I've had some really great times at the Markham Fair...walking the midway with my friends, listening to some great bands while sitting in the beer tent, watching the demolition derby, and coming home with armfuls of stuffed animals.

When I became a father, I just couldn't wait to take my son there. We entered him into the baby contest and he won first place in the "7 month old boys" category!

My boys are now 16 and 14 and our time at the Fair is precious as our weekends are pretty full (like most people's).  So here are 5…

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Analysis Paralysis Causing Buyers to Lose Out on Home Ownership

Analysis paralysis is the state of over-analyzing (or over-thinking) a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome.

We see this in today’s real estate market. Buyers and sellers aren’t sure which way the market is going partly because of the effects of the tightening mortgage rules as well as the likelihood of interest rates rising soon.

In particular, buyers are unable to decide whether they should buy now and risk declivity in value—especially before they can close—or wait too long and be priced out of the market by rising interest rates.

For people wanting and needing to make a move, now is definitely a good time to buy, especially for…

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It has become standard for retailers to offer low cost supplementary “insurance protection plans” on appliances and electronics.

These plans may seem like a good idea, but before you buy one, be sure the plan actually offers real added value. Often, these plans overlap with other protection programs you already have.

For example, reputable retailers usually sell products with solid manufacturer warranties, because they don’t want the bad reputation or the hassles that come from unhappy customers. In fact, in today’s competitive world, many retailers already have a “satisfaction guaranteed” policy built into everything they sell. In addition, if you are paying by credit card, you may have purchaser protection that is activated by simply using the card.


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